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'Healthy water is our primary NEED'

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A drop in the ocean


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Of course there are even more poignant examples to think of around the world.

During our first cycling trip in Laos and Cambodia we have seen a lot of poverty and after that we financially support an orphanage in Siem Reap (Cambodia) for years. In 2011 we decided to extend our help for the construction of water pumps. From a commercial point of view you could say: an (cast) iron strong product, simple to operate and a competitive pricing….

All material is bought in Cambodia and installed by a local contractor. Elzo personally selects the places where the pumps are constructed. Which is not that easy, because there are countless villages without facilities. And each family wants to have a water pump at their own home.

On the back of the flyer you can find an example of a water pump which can be used by a few families. Click on the picture of the flyer to enlarge it.


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